Want to become a Stakeholder Partner?

Recruiting and maintaining diverse Stakeholder Partnerships with Community Performance Organisations and Practitioners is crucial to the continued development of Dialogue’s Community Performance network.

To be considered as a Stakeholder Partner, you must be an Organisation or Practitioner currently using Community Performance in their work.

In becoming a Stakeholder Partner, we will support you to contribute your own knowledge, expertise and experience to the Dialogue network. Dialogue achieves this by inviting all of our Stakeholder Partners to work with us on our participatory documentation project. We facilitate this collaborative process (providing the necessary skills, resources and guidance) that allows Stakeholder Partners to document their Community Performance work through a range of different media (video, photography, written materials and audio). Our documentation process is tailor-made for each Partner, in order to suit their specific needs.

The produced documentation is published on our open-access web platform and provides Partners with validation and evidencing of their work; an opportunity for their work to be showcased as part of our international network and further international publicity about their work to companies, academics, funders and others.

By collating together documentation from different Stakeholder Partners, Dialogue aims to provide a unique, collaborative and engaged central Network Hub for Stakeholder Partners to learn from, and support, one another.

Our Stakeholder Partners who complete the participatory documentation project are also invited to become a part of our worldwide community network of Community Performance practitioners – with benefits including resources, training and networking opportunities.

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For more specific information about our Partnerships & Projects with existing Stakeholder Partners please click here.

For further information on how to become a Stakeholder Partner, please contact: stakeholder-partner@performingdialogue.com

If you do not facilitate Community Performance projects directly, but are interested in partnering with us to support and extend global capacity in Community Performance work, please click here to learn more about working with us as a Strategic Partner.