Theatre for Young Audiences and Migration

The Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) in France, Italy, and Spain are collaborating on a project that focuses on migration and the Performing Arts for Children and Young People. These are countries that have recently been very aware of the growing challenges of the refugee crisis around the Mediterranean, a theme that is very engaging within the artistic environment. They have been exploring how the Performing Arts can play a role in the integration of migrant children that remain traumatised after they have arrived. This symposium aims to present and discuss various artistic practices and experiences which, in essence, ask the question, “How should we meet each other as fellow human beings?”

An Applied Theatre Practitioner with experience in international Drama Education, Community Theatre and Theatre for Development, Chris’ ongoing research interests centre around the documentation of Community Performance practice for the purposes of monitoring & evaluation, advocacy and training. Recent projects include facilitating participatory documentation of Community Circus, Dance, Theatre and Storytelling practice in Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, documenting large conferences around the world, as well as conducting Impact Assessment studies for organisations in the UK and USA. His other work includes Arts-based Curriculum Development consultancy, as well as authoring other Evaluative Research projects. ///// Andreas Fredriksen is a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Kristiansand. He holds a bachelor degree in Literature, Film, and Theatre from the University of Agder and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Drama and Theatre.