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Sitting Down with Sintija Kirsone & Anke Leen Ledda Mikk – Faces of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019

Part 9 of our Interview Series with Delegates at the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019

Anke Leen Ledda Mikk is currently a final year student at Tallinn European School (Estonia). Since she was young, she has always been interested and involved with Theatre, learning the Art from her grandmother who was herself an Actress and Director. What started simply as a childhood hobby slowly developed into Anke Leen’s dream and passion. Even despite moving from country to country around the world, she has always been able to incorporate Theatre into her daily life by becoming involved in school productions, clubs, and local Theatre festivals.

Sintija Kirsone is a 19-year old Theatre maker from Latvia. She has just finished High School and has recently begun her first year at University. She has worked on three plays as part of Youth Theatre Studio TE-13 and is looking forward already to beginning new projects there. She loves Art in all its forms, is passionate about Film, and dreams of becoming a successful Performer. This is her first time at an ASSITEJ event and she is excited to have been one of the Youth Delegates.

Hana Holloway is an experienced young American educator and theatre artist. Her passion for writing, puppetry, and devising theatre has led her to diverse opportunities in the Performing Arts. She was invited to be a Porter Fellow for the 2019 Theatre for Young Audiences USA conference and was accepted into the apprentice company for the 2017 Williamstown Theatre Festival. She is now a Programme Director for ​‘Lights, Camera, Learn!​‘, a nonprofit that educates and empowers children through the art of filmmaking which has recently brought her to Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, and Dubai. Hana sees theatre as a transformative art form that has the power to impact change in the world. ///// Andreas Fredriksen is a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Kristiansand. He holds a bachelor degree in Literature, Film, and Theatre from the University of Agder and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Drama and Theatre.