Can the Norwegian Model Inspire a New Direction for the Future of Presenting Professional Arts to Young People?

A Panel Discussion Exploring Norwegian Performing Arts for Young People

Scenekunstbruket is the largest nationwide provider of Performing Arts for Young Audiences in Norway and is a competence centre for distribution and dissemination of Theatre for Young Audiences. Through their network (in all counties) and the Cultural Schoolbag programme, they provide professional Performing Arts to Children and Young People, regardless of background and domicile. Scenekunstbruket is not itself a producer, but selects completed productions for inclusion in the repertoire, maintaining knowledge and overview of the Performing Arts in Norway. A committee representing a wide range of expertise make recommendations as to which productions should be chosen.”

The establishment of this system has led to a higher demand for, and development of high- quality Performing Arts for Young Audiences, and producing Art for Children has turned into an attractive workfield. There’s also interest for international performances, both from the organisers and from the field itself. Scenekunstbruket and PAHN [Performing Arts Hub Norway] believe that a diverse selection of performances helps to further develop the field of Art for Young Audiences. 

Teachers and organisers in the counties of Norway together with international guests and PAHN, talk about their experience with the Cultural Schoolbag System, their thoughts on how we can give Young Audiences groundbreaking art, and how we look upon children, their role in society, and their right to Art for Art’s sake. This session was moderated by Scenekunstbruket.

[Text adapted from Scenekunstbruket’s abstract for this event]