Alternative Dramaturgies for Cross-Cultural Productions and Productions which Represent the So-Called ‘Other’

Exploring how alternative dramaturgies may function as different ‘counter-othering’

In this talk, Mariken Lauvstad asks key questions for cross- and intercultural theatre production in our globalised world. How aware is the Western theatre apparatus of its Eurocentric worldview? When Western theatres produce performances portraying or representing minorities, do they unintentionally reproduce the us-them dichotomy? If so, how can one challenge the us-them binary rather than reproduce it? How can we redistribute and equalise the power between the dominant and subordinate culture in Western theatre and performance production? Which stories are children and young audiences told about people from different parts of the world? Who has the right to represent whom – and how/why?

Lauvstad invites her audience to join her in the imagining of new production structures and alternative dramaturgies, with an emphasis on North-South collaborations. Starting with a brief introduction on the relation between social constructs, the history of Othering and the Western theatre production hierarchy, she proceeds to look at how new alternative dramaturgies emerging today may function as different forms of ‘counter-othering’. Lauvstad gives examples of recent productions that stand out as particularly successful, presents her own research findings, and finishes with an open conversation with the audience.

Mariken Lauvstad is a Norwegian Theatre Educator, Writer, and Dramaturg. Drawing from her experience from three and a half years living in South Africa and her MA in International Dramaturgy from the University of Cape Town, Lauvstad is currently specialising in issues related to cultural translation and the representation of minorities in the Performing Arts. Lauvstad has broad experience in Theatre for Children and Young People, both as an Actress and as a Teacher/Theatre Maker. She holds an acting degree in Performance Theatre from the School of Stage Arts in Denmark (2006) and a postgraduate diploma in theatre pedagogy from the Norwegian Academy of the Arts (2013).

An Applied Theatre Practitioner with experience in international Drama Education, Community Theatre and Theatre for Development, Chris’ ongoing research interests centre around the documentation of Community Performance practice for the purposes of monitoring & evaluation, advocacy and training. Recent projects include facilitating participatory documentation of Community Circus, Dance, Theatre and Storytelling practice in Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, documenting large conferences around the world, as well as conducting Impact Assessment studies for organisations in the UK and USA. His other work includes Arts-based Curriculum Development consultancy, as well as authoring other Evaluative Research projects. ///// Andreas Fredriksen is a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Kristiansand. He holds a bachelor degree in Literature, Film, and Theatre from the University of Agder and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Drama and Theatre.