A Performance of Stork’s Gift

A Fascinating Performance from Lithuanian Theatre company, Table Theatre

Check out the video above for some performance highlights and audience reactions from the performance at the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019 in Kristiansand.

Performance Synopsis: Anyone who awaits a stormy story of gifts, is welcome to experience the musical and ethnological story, Stork’s Gift. This show was given the highest-ranking theatre award in Lithuania, the Golden Stage Cross, in 2010.

‘He’ and ‘She’ create a world according to the ways of old Lithuanian life. The tree of life grows deep in the ground, its branches cover the earth and the skies over it. The birds are mediators between heaven and earth. The stork is still regarded as a holy bird that brings people happiness. Maybe we will all get a visit from the stork this spring? Let’s try to guess what he brings us!

A musical and poetic performance without any words, performed in a playful rhythm mixed with music from exotic Baltic instruments.

The Creative Team includes: Algirdas Mikutis, Saulė Degutytė, Snieguolė Dikčiūtė, Darius Rakauskas, Valdas Narkevičius. It was acted by Saulė Degutytė and Saulius Člēla, and the music was by Gediminas Žilys.

Eliot Moleba is a Johannesburg-based scholar, playwright, and director. He is one of the founding members of PlayRiot, a collective of playwrights committed to telling bold, contemporary South African stories. Moleba’s work explores social issues and how they (re)shape young people’s lives. He is now producing a ten-part series of artistic productions under the theme “The War You Don’t See”, looking at how global conflicts and migration impact and/or affect children’s lives. He was the resident dramaturg at The South African State Theatre, and is currently enrolled for a PhD in Theatre Directing at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts.