Performance Highlights from IDIERI 9

Performances from attending IDIERI 9 delegates

The Attitudes

“I try to explore in my body and voice difference modes of white resistance to challenges about power and privilege.

The physicality of the showing is inspired by 18th century writings and interpretations of that century’s original voguer Emma Lyon and her “Attitudes”. These static, non-speaking performances/tableaux vivant were a form of ‘mime art’, a cross between postures, dance, and acting. Performed to the European elite of the day as a form of popular entertainment the subject matter was based on specific historical and mythological characters.

We ask: How might these ongoing investigations contribute most effectively to courageous conversations about racism, whiteness, power and colonial fall out?”

Madeline McNamara (Aotearoa/New Zealand) has been an independent theatre practitioner for 35 years. She is a performer, director, teacher and organiser. She co- founded Magdalena Aotearoa with Sally Rodwell of Red Mole in 1997, a New Zealand network inspired by The Magdalena Project, an international network of women in contemporary theatre. From 2006 -2011 she was co -artistic director of Acting Up, a Charitable Trust which offered regular drama and music programmes in the Wellington region to adults with learning difficulties and intellectual impairments. She holds a Masters in Theatre Arts, in Directing (MTA) from Toi Whakaari/The New Zealand Drama School and Victoria University.

Jade Eriksen is a director, writer and educator with a specific interest in politics of ‘place’ and devised composition. She grew up in Manutuke and Gisborne, Tairāwhiti; of Greek, Irish, Scottish and Danish descent. Jade has directed and devised award winning collaborative works including Yatra, Stamping Grounds, Migrant Nation, arcane and Penumbra. She taught in and collaborated on the innovative pedagogy Context and Practice within Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School and directed for many years within the school’s Go Solo and Site projects. She is currently concentrating on raising her three children Thea, Calder and Errol with her partner Sam in Stokes Valley next to Te Awa Kairangi. Jade has a Master of Theatre Arts – Directing from Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School/Victoria University, New Zealand.


Inheritance: The Colonising of Story

“Ancestral legends shape family identities and are filtered through the orator’s perspective, reflecting those values and traits s/he reveres. What are the effects on the daughters and granddaughters when the story of a heroic matriarch has been told from a masculine perspective? This workshop/ performance addresses questions through frameworks of performed research and autoethnography.

This weeklong open rehearsal process between Patricia Walker (playwright/actor) and Christine Hatton (director) culminates in an autoethnographic performance.”

Patricia Walker’s one-woman performance examines stories of her Granny Walker who was widowed in 1932 at the height of the Depression in the US, raised seven children in the mountains of Tennessee, who bought her husband’s family’s house and land, and farmed it until she died at 92. Inheritance interrogates the complex woman behind the myth and seeks to contextualize her into a more helpful version that does not paint her as great because she did a man’s job.