Speaking with Mfundo Zono

An Interview with an Alumnus of Magnet Theatre

MF: My name is Mfundo, and my surname is Zono. I’m from Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth. I first studied at Magnet since 2014 and then I finished in 2015. In 2016, I applied for UCT [University of Cape Town], for a diploma and then they accepted me and now I’m studying at UCT. The stream that I’m studying is ‘Theatre Making’. Hopefully, I will graduate next year […] You learn different things, different ways, many ways.

“You learn different things, different ways, many ways.”

Photo Credit: Magnet Theatre

You learn more, it’s kind of growing up, because, for example, now I’m studying Theatre Making. It’s to create my own kind of pieces and plays using most of the skills and the material or the learning tools that I’ve got here at Magnet and also [at] UCT. So, combining both of them and kind of exploring them, seeing what I am going to do towards the future.

There were a lot of times at Magnet, there were [a lot of] fun times. [For instance,] when you are tired and then 9 o’clock [in the morning, you have to be] on the floor […] you MUST be there standing on the floor. It’s not that you are just arriving at Magnet [at 9]. So, you’ve already warmed up at 9 o’clock […] So those are the funny moments.


I’m still looking forward to work with Magnet [… in the future].

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Transcribed by Norah Ringma
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