Reflecting on ‘Our Story, Your Story’

The Project Team And Young Facilitators Reflect On Their Successes

On the benefits of storytelling…

“you learn more about yourself.” Young Facilitator

“storytelling is great, it gives you more confidence […] you believe in yourself.” Young Facilitator

“people started opening and being vulnerable and just showing us a sense of who they really were” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“[Through storytelling] we learn where people are sensitive because we never know what is happening in other people’s lives – and we can learn that from their stories.” Clamercia, Young Facilitator

“[The storytelling workshop allows learners to] know that they actually have a story to tell, that they should be heard and validated” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

“Sometimes you hold onto something that’s painful but the minute you release it, there’s something in releasing [the story] that’s empowering.” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“After the storytelling, it’s like a bond [that we developed]. We’re like sisters.” Young Facilitator

“I’ve learned so many life lessons from each of the stories I’ve been hearing” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“There was one girl [a student…] she was saying to me, ‘From now on, I’m not going to be rude to one another and I’m going to love people.'” Young Facilitator

On the nature of storytelling…

“We all have stories of struggle, of pain, of hurt, and stories where we were victors” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“It touches people […] this simple sharing of stories.” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

“Storytelling is […] that sharing of hope” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“the sharing and listening of others […] that grows people in revealing that they’re human […] just to feel human again is such a gift  […] It’s such a blessing to just remember my own humanity and flaws, and stories of weakness and strength.” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

“Stories are so important to tell but people tend to not do it anymore, it’s sort of like a broken art form.”  Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

On the highlights of the project…

“For me, what was so precious was telling stories to the young children” Trudy, Young Facilitator

“All the children’s stories –  they enjoyed it. It was everything […] And the children wanted more and I explained to them what a story is about, how we can learn from each other’s stories” Clamercia, Young Facilitator

“My highlight was […] a young lady [who] came to share her story […] In that moment, I was really blessed that my story could of inspired her and she had so much bravery to share that story, everyone was in tears […] It was hectic, the children were crying, she was crying and the facilitators, even me I was sobbing. It was such a sobbing moment and yet such a powerful moment – that storytelling could do that for her and [give her that] release.” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“I was happy that I could inspire them to think back and think of all the struggles they overcame, and all the hardships they overcame because I think we need to empower each other with the stories” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“My highlight is seeing the transformation of your stories, from the beginning to now. Every time you told your stories something new was included.” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

On those involved in the project….

“it was really a beautiful experience and I think so many people were touched by it in so many different ways” Wilmi Dippenaar, The Seven Passes Initiative

“Everyone who took part in the process benefitted from it.” Chantal Damons, The Seven Passes Initiative

“bonds were created between people from the community and from the bigger community […] that’s invaluable, just to make the connection with those people” Wilmi Dippenaar, The Seven Passes Initiative

“Working in one community […] with multiple beneficiaries […] it’s been such a blessing to be able to have such a wide landscape of individuals to work with” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

On their enjoyment of the project…

“I enjoy acting and performing so that was really fun for me” Clamercia, Young Facilitator

“I was crying because […] they made me feel I’m special. They were so loving and supportive to me” Young Facilitator

“afterwards, they came up to us and hugged us and said thank you and that they appreciated it all.” Catherine, Young Facilitator

“I love storytelling!” Young Facilitator 

Final thoughts…

“It’s been a really rich process […] diverse in its colour” Lisa Cohen, CWBSA Facilitator

“All in all, it was a very inspiring process. I’m grateful that I went through it. I met people I would never have met. I heard stories I would never have heard, ever in my whole life.” Simone Peters, CWBSA Facilitator

“The children were like, ‘We want more! We want more!’ […] They asked me, ‘Are you coming again? Are you coming again?’” Young Facilitator

“I have so many stories to tell!” Young Facilitator

“I would love to do it again” Young Facilitator

You can find more information, and links to further resources, about the ‘Our Story, Your Story’ project here.

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