Documenting the Documenters

The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People, held in Cape Town from16th – 27th May 2017, was a tremendous success for all involved.

Together, the six dedicated and passionate Documenters from the Dialogue team captured the essence of the Cradle through over 100 posts that included a rich variety of written articles, photography, video, and audio materials. Recording the knowledge, skills, expertise, and passion on display during the Cradle’s many lectures, seminars, workshops and performances, the resources are now publically available online at:

“what Dialogue made possible was to give access to those who weren’t able to make the long trek to Cape Town” – Yvette Hardie.

Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ International, noted that “what Dialogue made possible was to give access to those who weren’t able to make the long trek to Cape Town […] It has also created a wonderfully rich tapestry of the range of events and productions that were part of Cradle and [these] will be a powerful memory aid and record for ASSITEJ members”.

Chris Blois-Brooke (Founder & Director)
An Applied Theatre Practitioner with experience in international Drama Education, Community Theatre and Theatre for Development, Chris’ ongoing research interests centre around the documentation of Community Performance practice for the purposes of monitoring & evaluation, advocacy and training. Recent projects include facilitating participatory documentation of Community Circus, Dance, Theatre and Storytelling practice in Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, documenting large conferences around the world, as well as conducting Impact Assessment studies for organisations in the UK and USA. His other work includes Arts-based Curriculum Development consultancy, as well as authoring other Evaluative Research projects.