Just Here: A Sweet Performance

Engaging Puppetry for Babies.

Just Here is a performance created for children under the age of three. Gabriel Marchand, the Director from Pillow Fort Productions, created a colourful piece that was full of soothing, calm and familiar sounds for the young audience members.

This non-verbal piece made use of a puppet, brought to life by Asanda Rilityana and Roshina Ratnam, who was desperate to find his small red ball. As a member of the audience pointed out, the puppet “was the same size” as her daughter, which seemed to engage the little one instantly.

The babies I saw around me in the audience were very vocal and reacted positively to all the sounds and movements presented to them. At the end of the show, most of them were keen to explore many of the everyday objects that made up the props onstage.

You can listen to cast member, Roshina Ratnam, speaking about the Production here (2 minutes):


You can also hear below from some of the adults in the audience reacting to the Performance (2 minutes):


This performance was held at Magnet Theatre’s ‘Rocking the Cradle’ Fringe Festival, as part of the ASSITEJ Cradle of Creativity 2017. You can find more information and links to further resources about Rocking the Cradle here.

Myrto has experience of working both as a Primary School Teacher and as a Theatre Artist. Bringing these two interests together, she now works as an Applied Theatre Practitioner within Drama Education contexts. As a founding member of theatre group, PAZL, she designs and facilitates process drama projects for children and young people. A member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, she has worked on several Applied Theatre projects, including performance making projects with community groups and projects with Roma children in Educational settings.