Education, Education, Education

A reflective podcast discussing Arts in Education.

The following podcast (8 and a half minutes) explores my reflections on the Arts in Education seminars held at the Cradle of Creativity on Friday, May 19th, 2017. These seminars delved into the many facets of Arts in Education, whether it be theory, research or practice. The varied perspectives of the speakers fostered a sense of internationalism in the conversations, and yet some key overlapping themes kept surfacing. Considering my vested interest in the field, I use this podcast as an opportunity to express my own opinions. However, it must, of course, be acknowledged that my experiences and thoughts coming out of this day will not necessarily directly reflect the perspectives of the speakers or others in attendance.


“I think we all agree that we’re in a world that’s in distress. It’s a very unequal world and it’s a world that really is struggling to produce enough resources to sustain everyone happily […] and I think we feel the turmoil that is happening in the world today. […] I think amidst all of that, though, we do see everyday extraordinary acts of kindness and when we see those, we look at each other and we say there’s also something deeply human about us. There’s a deep humanity and I think what we’re going to demonstrate to you today is that there’s a scientific reason, a rational reason why that humanity should be able to be spread across the world to every single person on the planet.”
– Andrea Leenen on how Science meets the Arts and her work with All from One Campaign