Jump First, Ask Later – A Reflection

“There was an interest in these Young Voices.” - Karen Therese, Artistic Director

Innovative. Inspiring. Groundbreaking.

While watching a screening of Jump First, Ask Later on Wednesday night, I was captured by the creative use of real-life stories from Young Immigrants in Fairfield, Australia. Devised by Powerhouse Youth Theatre, in collaboration with Force Majeure, the film sees a performance by the Dauntless Movement Crew, a group open to any Young Person with a passion for parkour, dance and general body fitness.

“They dance for their own survival… They dance because they have to.” – Karen Therese, Artistic Director

These Teenagers live and breathe their craft. The Performance is a fusion of heavily choreographed physical Theatre scenes, with personal monologues that narrate and reflect on some of the stories of their founding members. This carefully crafted narrative allowed each Teenager to draw the audience into their world, clearly communicating what it means to be in the Dauntless Movement. The Performance held an incredibly authentic and honest tone that explored not only the Teenagers’ own passions and desires, but also the challenges they face both as Artists and Immigrants.

While this event at Cradle of Creativity was only a screening of the Performance, I absolutely loved it. The power and precision of the movements complemented the hard-hitting themes that peppered the performance. This is what I imagine modern day Storytelling looks like: speaking directly to Young People’s experiences on both local and global levels, and giving them a platform to speak out and be heard.

Laura Dean (Associate Director)
Laura is a keen advocate for the Arts in Education. A graduate of the Comparative and International Education MA program at Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA, USA), Laura’s research interests revolve around how Arts subjects, and Theatre in particular, can play a crucial role to the development of a student’s social and emotional well-being, whilst bolstering their academic attainment. Having lived in numerous places around the world, and worked to support international students in a university setting, Laura is interested in supporting global Education policy. With an avid interest in Theatre & Performance, she is delighted to be bringing her two passions together to lead on Dialogue’s Community Performance for Education work.