Finding Magic at the Baxter Theatre!

A Day Filled with Stories, Clay Puppets and an Adventure in the Woods.

The following photo essay explores the wonders of three Performances that were staged at the University of Cape Town’s Baxter Theatre on Friday, 19th May, 2017: Korean Story Theatre: Story Silkroad (Korea National University of Arts), A Mano (El Patio Teatro) and Gretel and Hansel (Le Carrousel, compagnie de théâtre).

Korean Story Theatre: Story Silkroad

The young audiences appeared captivated by the variety of languages and theatrical techniques incorporated into each performance.

Despite limited use of English, this amazing performance transported the audience to imaginary and mystical places, where emperors and servants, poisonous snakes and exotic birds ruled.

Simple props and musical instruments were used to guide the narratives. Hats, scarves, a garbage bag and even bubble wrap were cleverly incorporated into the piece to help set each scene.

Korean Storytelling PerformanceFollowing the Performance, the Children had the chance to play with the instruments and to try making their own musical pieces.

A Mano (dir. Julián Sáenz-López and Izaskun Fernández)

Upon entering the Theatre, the audience could see just a small, simple piece of furniture.

The magic begins … clay puppet characters, toys and an antique store spill out of the furniture piece.

After the performance, the children played with the clay puppets.

Gretel and Hansel (dir. Gervais Gaudreault)

In anticipation of the performance, the audience look upon the collection of chairs which make up the set.

The chairs prove to be versatile set pieces, communicating scenes and the plot line clearly.

The wooden chairs are transformed into a forest, trees, houses and fire.

Myrto has experience of working both as a Primary School Teacher and as a Theatre Artist. Bringing these two interests together, she now works as an Applied Theatre Practitioner within Drama Education contexts. As a founding member of theatre group, PAZL, she designs and facilitates process drama projects for children and young people. A member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, she has worked on several Applied Theatre projects, including performance making projects with community groups and projects with Roma children in Educational settings.