A Wild Day Out with The Dancing Beasts

Company Gardens was filled with laughter and awe.

Mexican Theatre Company, La Liga teatro elástico, collaborated with South African Puppeteers and Actors from both The Mothertongue Project and Handspring Puppet Company. Together with local Young People, they brought a pack of wolf puppets to life. Onlookers watched as Children and Puppeteers enacted the ancient ritual dance of hunters and prey in a thought-provoking event that not encouraged teamwork and celebrated the circle of life.

The Young People made colourful wolf masks in workshops with La Liga prior to the parade.
La Liga Designer and Puppeteer, Iker Vicente, prepares the beautiful great deer for the hunt.
Children’s puppets made in previous workshops out of recycled material.
The grand vulture sweeps across the sky as Puppeteers warm up for the parade.
Puppeteers from La Liga teatro elástico, The Mothertongue Project and Handspring Puppet Company.
Children gather their puppets together for the parade, wearing their individually decorated wolf masks.
The first part of the hunt begins as Jaydene Lekay, from The Mothertongue Project, enthusiastically leads her wolf pack forward. Each wolf pack chants and sings in unison as they march.
The Children gather around, ready for their next instructions.
While the Puppeteers rebuild the wolf puppets, the Children are encouraged to draw and mark the space with their creativity and imagination.
La Liga’s deconstructed wolf puppet.
Music begins to play and singing can be heard as the Puppeteers and Children dance around with their wolf masks.
The Puppeteers and the wolf become one.
Let the hunt begin (Photo Credit: Emma Van Loon).


Tegan Arazny (Facilitator & Documenter)
Tegan is a strong advocate for the development of Theatre and the Arts in community settings and has been involved with numerous Applied Theatre programmes throughout her professional training and experience. Tegan graduated with a Master of Arts with Distinction in Applied Theatre from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She has professional experience in Community Performance that promotes Young People’s expression and engagement through Puppetry and Theatre practices. As well as collaborating and performing with ERTH Visual & Physical Inc and Welsh theatre company PuppetSoup, she has co-directed and worked alongside Shop Front Arts Co-Op Junior Ensemble of 8-14-year old’s to create the original devised production, The Unknown. Tegan is currently working as Teaching Artist for Sydney Theatre Company’s ‘School Drama’. This is a Teachers Professional Development Program designed to improve teaching and learning by modelling the use of drama-based strategies with quality children's literature.