Want to Volunteer with Us?

Are you interested in volunteering your skills in Community Performance, Applied Theatre, Education, International Development or Journalism?

Dialogue offers two unique opportunities to volunteer with us!

Online Contributor

The Role:
A significant portion of Dialogue’s work is to curate resources about Community Performance practice. With our support, you’ll be finding, organising and writing about pre-existing resources for Dialogue to publicise to our members online.

For each individual resource or document, you will write a short 200-word abstract that will help Community Performance stakeholders to access what they need on our easily accessible open-access archive.

We welcome you to choose resources of interest yourself, or we are happy to provide you with a suggested list (we do, however, ask that you refrain from writing abstracts on your own self-offered resources due to potential conflicts of interest).

We will equip you with our basic training and style guidelines, which will provide you with specific examples of previous abstracts and inspire you with ideas on what you can write about in your own article. Working closely with our Content Editor, you will then publish your articles about your chosen resources online.

This role is perfect for students and others who want to read around the field whilst contributing to our ever-growing resource library. It is also an excellent precursor for those wanting to volunteer with us on our Documentation Programme, and also for those wishing to have experience in writing and publishing within the Community Performance field.

Requirements for the Position:

  • Access to a computer & internet (No specific location required)
  • 3+ hours per week requested
  • Samples of previous written work.

To request more information about this volunteering programme, and to apply, please email: volunteers@performingdialogue.com

Participatory Documentation Facilitator 

The Role:
This voluntary position is a unique opportunity to learn about new practices and artistic cultures within Community Performance.

If you are selected to join this programme, this hands-on volunteering opportunity will provide you with a unique opportunity to play a key part in facilitating our participatory Documentation Projects that Dialogue runs with Stakeholder Partners across the world.

When we talk about documenting practice, we do not mean sitting in the corner of a room with a clipboard writing dry impact assessments. We mean a creative collection of video, photography, illustrations, audio and written materials about the Community Performance work that our partners are currently doing. Given the extent of the position, you will be required to apply for the position and, upon selection, trained in the documentation process before departure.

You will facilitate a highly original, creative and collaborative documentation process that will form the heart of our network. For the duration of this work, you will collaborate with Dialogue’s staff to collate and refine the documentary resources that you co-create with our partner.

With your work being published and publicised online on our website and shared internationally with Dialogue’s partners, the idea is that these resources can be used:

  • As learning tools for all our other partners in our network
  • For advocacy of the field more broadly
  • To create new collaboration between practitioners in all parts of the world.

If Dialogue has partners in your country of residence you may work on this voluntary placement part-time, otherwise you will be sent to a partnering country (locations vary based on organisational and volunteer needs), where you will be working full-time on conducting the documentation project. Given the unpredictability of funding, Dialogue will try its best to work with you to secure funding for travel costs but this cannot be guaranteed. More information on this will be provided upon request.

The beauty of this position is also that not all of your time is spent with one host organisation – in each project location you will spend time with multiple Community Performance organisations/practitioners so it’s a fantastic chance to see a diversity of different work in action.

Requirements for Position:

  • Must be willing to travel for a 3 to 8 week stay in a designated partner country to work on the project full-time or, if Dialogue has partners in your country of residence, we may be able to negotiate a part-time commitment
  • Must be willing to work alongside Dialogue to apply for, and secure, travel funding prior to the start of the project.

To request more information about this volunteering programme, and to apply, please email: volunteers@performingdialogue.com