Workshop in Movement

Let Go and Dance!

Check out the video above for some workshop highlights from the session delivered to Youth Delegates at the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019 in Kristiansand.

This was not an ordinary dance class where a teacher stands up in front of the students and teaches them to repeat certain movements. Instead, this workshop focused on promoting creativity and self-confidence using dance and movement. How did Katrina do that? By using games and tasks that incorporated principles of Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation and some tasks from Circus school to develop communication skills, group work, a sense of space, imagination, fantasy, and the courage to perform and experiment.

-Adapted from the Workshop Synopsis

The workshop was led by Katrina Albuze, a Choreographer, Dancer, and Dance Teacher from Latvia.

Eliot Moleba is a Johannesburg-based scholar, playwright, and director. He is one of the founding members of PlayRiot, a collective of playwrights committed to telling bold, contemporary South African stories. Moleba’s work explores social issues and how they (re)shape young people’s lives. He is now producing a ten-part series of artistic productions under the theme “The War You Don’t See”, looking at how global conflicts and migration impact and/or affect children’s lives. He was the resident dramaturg at The South African State Theatre, and is currently enrolled for a PhD in Theatre Directing at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts.