Imagining the Future

Using new technologies in Theatre for Young Audiences

“Imagining the future – confronting the present” could summarise the journey of DE MAAN (Mechelen, Belgium), which has spent the last 5 years exploring the question of how to regenerate puppet theatre in a more visual approach that involves new media, whilst also looking at how to immerse the audience to the full extent through technology. This lecture includes a presentation that explores some relevant theories to these questions and also provides some case studies to illustrate the main topic.

Stef De Paepe is a Director (of Theatre, Animation Movies, and Audio Plays), Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor, and Teacher at the Erasmus Institute Brussel, RITCS (Actors, Directors, and Writers). He is the General and Artistic Director of DE MAAN in Mechelen (Belgium), a Visual Theatre Production House which he has transformed from being a Puppet Theatre to being a Multimedia Art House.

An Applied Theatre Practitioner with experience in international Drama Education, Community Theatre and Theatre for Development, Chris’ ongoing research interests centre around the documentation of Community Performance practice for the purposes of monitoring & evaluation, advocacy and training. Recent projects include facilitating participatory documentation of Community Circus, Dance, Theatre and Storytelling practice in Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, documenting large conferences around the world, as well as conducting Impact Assessment studies for organisations in the UK and USA. His other work includes Arts-based Curriculum Development consultancy, as well as authoring other Evaluative Research projects. ///// Andreas Fredriksen is a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Kristiansand. He holds a bachelor degree in Literature, Film, and Theatre from the University of Agder and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Drama and Theatre.