What Would You Like to Transform?

“Our responsibility is to see the gift of each kid” - Hector Aristizábal, Facilitator.

The second Focus Day at the cultural hub of Gugu S’Thembe was on the topic of Theatre for Healing. Facilitators, Educators and Artists alike gathered for a roundtable discussion at Langa Township’s Old Post Office that explored Mental Health, Wellness, Arts Therapies, Social Change and Empowerment.

After almost two hours of constructive dialogue, some participants gave their opinions on what they had encountered and learned (5 minutes):


Later that day Hector Aristizábal, Founder and Artistic Director of imagineaction, facilitated an energetic and engaging workshop titled Theatre as a Laboratory for Reconciliation.

The workshop offered hands-on experience for participants to practically explore Aristizabal’s work, which is heavily influenced by Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. The group played a variety of games, enjoying each activity and acquiring some useful tools to use within their own work.

“[The] best quality of a good facilitator is curiosity!” – Hector Aristizabal

You can hear some of the participants’ reactions to the workshop here (3 minutes):