“Never Stop Playing” at the ITYARN Conference

“No teacher who can’t play should teach!” – Sindiwe Magona

“It is our duty to help the children, they should grow seeing everybody in similar situations. This is our duty!”
– Sindiwe Magona

Sindiwe Magona, a South African Children’s Writer and Translator, shared her inspirational and motivating thoughts with the first-day audience at the International Theatre for Young Audiences Network (ITYARN) Conference, encouraging us all to “never stop playing”.

Magona spoke of the need for community cohesion so that diverse societies and individuals connect and support one another. For Magona, this is imperative to achieving a better future, as is supporting Children and Young People to dream and hope.

“That’s what makes life exciting, to learn from one another.”

The following is an audio recording of Sindiwe Magona’s inspiring lecture at the ITYARN Conference (23 minutes):

Myrto has experience of working both as a Primary School Teacher and as a Theatre Artist. Bringing these two interests together, she now works as an Applied Theatre Practitioner within Drama Education contexts. As a founding member of theatre group, PAZL, she designs and facilitates process drama projects for children and young people. A member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, she has worked on several Applied Theatre projects, including performance making projects with community groups and projects with Roma children in Educational settings.