Quotes of the Day from the ITYARN Conference

Today was the second day of the ITYARN Conference, where academics came together to discuss topics ranging from ethical practice to inclusivity and children's voices in contemporary criticism. Below are some interesting quotes picked up from various different sessions throughout the day.

Presenters in the International Association of Theatre Critics’s ‘Mature Criticism in Children’s Theatre’ keynotes panel. L-R: Dr Octavian Saiu, Dr Manon van de Water, Tracey Saunders and Professor Emmanuel Dandaura.

On Socially Conscious Theatre . . .
“Participation is not just a dramatic term or a method of Theatre making. It’s a political idea. And it’s critical that the level of project design is clear about the level of participation required for that engagement.”
-Tamara Schulz

“If you are talking about Arts projects, you need to talk about cultural policy in Japan. It is a nation that bases its culture on the Arts.”
-Dr Norifumi Hida

On Being Latino/a in the USA . . .
“I have a strong resentment about what’s happening in our schools. I’d like to undermine the institutionalised barriers to education. In the private schools, they are building theatres, they’re building sculpture labs, they’re building film studios. In public schools, if the school has even one Arts person on the faculty full-time, it’s a miracle.”
-Robyn Flatt

On Criticism in Children’s Theatre . . .
“What would creativity be without critical judgment? Without value judgment? Without that sense of hierarchy that real genuine criticism provides? In Theatre, we should always balance these two complementary dimensions.”
-Dr Octavian Saiu